The European funded ABACO project aims to perform a strategy to face the problem of lack of financial education for vulnerable adults and migrants in South Europe.


The project strives to adapt methodologies and contents developed by the association NIBUD, an independent Dutch foundation that gives information about household finance, in order to make them usable by partner organisations in their national contexts (Italy, Spain Portugal and Greece). NIBUD´S experience has not been ever translated or implemented in other countries and has a large impact already in the Netherlands. Their websites are consulted every day by more or less 10.000 people aproximately.


Specifically, the partnership will adapt the following tools already developed by NIBUD:

  • A basic book concerning budgeting for micro entrepreneurs, with tips about starting a micro-business, getting loans, planning income and expenditure.
  • A basic book about budgeting for the household, with tips and warning about most common financial tools for individuals.
  • Teacher's guides for both targets (small entrepreneurs and families) which will support teachers in formal and informal trainings of vulnerable groups.
  • An "agenda": a gadget with tips and tools to manage the household budget.


The publications will be available in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Greek


The consortium is multi-player: one partner per country (Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain) to represent the Mediterranean area which according to EU SILC is in more need of prevention of indebtedness and have not yet developed significant strategies and tools. On the other hand, we also have NIBUD from the Netherlands as a partner that has already developed the methodologies and tools that will be implemented by the above partners and SEED Learn from Switzerland which brings specific expertise on new technologies and international cooperation.The Consortium also involves different actors: cooperatives, associations and a public body, in order to represent key-actors in the field of non-formal education.  All members of the Consortium have a significant experiences and skills in project management and in working with target groups (vulnerable adults and migrants) in the field of basic education, access to credit, entrepreneurship.


The project lasts 2.5 years (11/01/2009 to 03/31/2012). The consortium represents the Mediterranean region (Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain). Also helpers in the program in an advisory capacity will be partners from Switzerland and Holland.



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